What we provide for your team members.


High Rise Class A - office building and office space in downtown Harare.


Desk, chair, computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse & Headset

Video Conference Room

Use of a private room with high-speed internet and camera for video conferencing

Biometric Scanning

Palm/fingerprint reader to grant access into the building and workspace and downloads to payroll system to track time in and out, this will assist in efficiency.

IT Support

I.T. Support with VOIP set-up, software set-up and remote support when needed. We can also set up a “desktop” phone that is an extension of your phone system

Administrative Support

On site IT, HR, Finance/Payroll assistance as well as A.R.M. (Account Resource Manager) support to be the liaison between you and your staff member


Training on industry-specific software packages and procedure based on client needs.


Your staff will be inducted & assigned a buddy & mentor. Performance reviews & evaluations will be carried out

HIPAA Compliance

We are among the leaders in providing comprehensive and user-friendly HIPAA training, HIPAA certification

Phone Solutions

VOIP Integration

Integration directly into your VOIP system. This is the most seamless and efficient. Requires purchase of a console by your office.

Virtual Soft Phone System

This has the greatest flexibility. Allows you to set up multiple functions as well as “texting” to/from your staff and video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

We can integrate you into our virtual system. Offers direct calling to/from your staff, texting
and video conferencing.

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