The Big Problem with Hiring

The number one complaint we hear from businesses worldwide is the cost of bringing on new employees,  it’s just so expensive. First are the hard costs of salary and benefits-health insurance, dental insurance, payroll taxes, 401k, and more. Then there are the costs of providing a productive work environment: a desk, a computer, heat and air conditioning, electricity, office chairs, filing cabinets and lighting. You might also need to rent or purchase more office space to house your new employees. You will need to remodel the space to your needs, purchase more office furniture, pay even higher utility bills, and so on. Before you know it, you will likely spend $4,000 to $5,000 upfront for 5 every new people you hire. Yikes! It doesn’t end there, once the shock wears off, the realization of the hidden cost of time for you or your H.R. department to complete the entire hiring process from start to finish will come into play. (You need to hire a recruiting firm to assist you, cha-ching!) As business owners sit down and calculate all of these costs upfront, they often become discouraged, especially if they come up a bit short on funds. As a result, companies don’t expand or grow in certain areas because they just can’t afford it. Everyone knows, if you are not growing, you are stagnating and possibly even regressing. It’s not only businesses who suffer, entrepreneurs are also negatively affected as well. Often great ideas are thwarted before the dream ever gets off the ground because entrepreneurs look at all the costs and determine they can’t take the risk. There is just no way they can absorb all the employee costs for three, six or even nine months as they begin their launch into greatness. 


What if?

What if there was a less expensive alternative? What if a company could cut the costs of bringing on a new employee by as much as 50%? How about 75%? What if you could get an employee for $24,000 that would typically cost you $60,000? What if you could get an employee for $40,000 that would usually cost you $110,000? What if the lower-cost employee was equally as qualified? That could potentially change everything right!? 


Support CPA can make it happen! 

Over the years, our team at Support CPA has created a scalable system to reduce the costs mentioned above and save companies substantial amounts of money. This unique program will dramatically decrease your payroll by reducing salaries and eliminating hard and soft costs. Through this system, you will be able to grow your company and take on new challenges. How? By utilizing the highly qualified team members found within our outsourcing program. Visit today!